Everyone can dive?

Everyone who passes the medical examination can always dive within the limits set by their qualifications. Anyway, any doubt you just have to call us and we will solve it

At what age can you start to dive?

According to the autonomous community in which you live, in our community that is granada from 12 years and you can do a baptism with us and from 14 you can do your first diving course (open water junior)

I need to know how to swim?

As with any aquatic activity, you must have a basic notion of swimming. Although in diving we always go with a vest that inflates and keeps us afloat while we are on the surface. Therefore, you do not have to be a great swimmer to practice diving, but you must have a few basic notions.

How do I become an instructor?

Enter our diving diving area (diving courses / professional diving) where we explain everything and if you still have questions contact us we will solve. Any questions you have happy.

Can you dive all year?

Yes, you can dive all year round, at our school we like to encourage scuba diving in the winter since we have the means so you can enjoy the tranquility of La Herradura bay without having to go cold while doing your dives. (Dry suits at school)

What's inside the bottle?

You are breathing the same air that you breathe during your day to day, with the only difference that has been captured by the compressor of our center passed through some filters and put under pressure in the diving tanks.

What is the best time to take a diving course?

If you are going to get the OWD (open water diver) from our humble opinion we consider that the best time would be in Easter , since it is less influenced by summer mass tourism and the summer holidays. This way You can fully enjoy your diving certification if you travel during your summer vacation, enjoying the diving paradises around the world.

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