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The main purpose of the adapted diving course is to open the world of diving to all those people who have limitations, physical, sensory or psychic.
A world to discover that may seem complicated or impossible for this group of people.

We will facilitate this experience, whether you want to do a diving baptism, in which you can discover the fantastic underwater world, or if you decide to start with the Open Water Diver course.

Diver course. We have fully adapted facilities and a human team specially trained to facilitate this experience that, we assure you, will be unforgettable. You will discover the sensation of weightlessness, marine fauna and flora, which will make this activity a gateway to another world.

Dive when you want

The only thing we will ask you for is a medical certificate that says you are fit for diving. Get in touch with us and tell us what your needs are. We will square the days necessary for the course, we will adapt it to your need.
Adapted Diving

  • Certification fees
  • All the necessary material for th course
  • Teaching materials
  • Adapted material

How is the adapted diving course done?

The course will consist of confined water sessions.
The confined waters will be in a pool and in a totally controlled and safe environment. These sessions will have as purpose that you can learn and put your skills to the test. Once you have controlled the confined waters, we will go to the open waters of La Herradura, where you will put into practice everything you have learned before, surrounded by large schools of fish and incredible surroundings.

We will be happy to live these experiences with you and whoever wants to accompany you.

We adapt to your learning speed

Confined water sessions in pool and sea fully controlled

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PADI is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and is the largest diving certification agency in the world. PADI meets the highest training standards and has a great international presence which guarantees that you will have the best diving training and that your certification will be recognized worldwide.

Diving training consists of three components:

  1. The theorical part.
  2. Trainign in confined water or swimming pool.
  3. Open water training.

Entry requirements, training procedures and qualification tests vary around the world. This certification will give you the permission to dive depending on the level you have taken.

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