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Did you sign up and wanted to change your life? Do you want to start from scratch but everything that have learned inside the army cant help you in a civil life? Like many, one of our partners (Marc) served 8 years of his life and then when it came the time of changing worlds he found himself lost.
He tried normal jobs, tried to be a civil guard but unfortunately he did not do well.
How many of our soldiers come to the point that you want to start from scratch? With this package that we offer you, we pretend to give you the opportunity to work, travel and see the world, but above all start from scratch.

Change your live diving

We will help you make the career and become a instructor. Redo your work life with your great experience in the military sector

We believe in the potential of these boys / girls to become divers and diving instructors, we will try by all means to train you to be a first class instructors and have the opportunities to start from scratch both in Spain and anywhere in the world.

The diving sector is worldwide and today there is a demand for instructors all over the world. We will accompany you throughout the process from the Open Water course until you become an instructor, at that point i promise you we will be the first people that will strech your hand.

We are talking of doing all of this during a years time, but it dependes on the time that you dispose of. We will adapt everything. The time, needs or any other issue that you may have.

*  Course Optional, not included in the price

Is the BPP (professional diver of small depth) course apart from the recreational career since this is given by a comercial diving company with which we collaborate.

All this will prepare you for your instructor exam, where we assure you, you will arrive with  the highest level of knowledge since we will be over you during each course, each dive and each theoretical lesson, the hours and the necessary days to make sure that you leave with your instructor title under the arm when the time comes.

Why the diving sector?

Depends on the years of service and the unit which you came from within the army, you will find many similarities, for example the security protocols, the team review, the peer system and especially the one that most emphasizes us, the team work up. We act like a team, platoon or section, the work to get it right depends on everyone being aware of the mission (work of the day) and work as a family unit. Things that our colleague Marc missed in civil life and found them again in the underwater world

Can I do something else during this time?

Not all the time you have to be in the diving center, this is fully compatible with a part-time job and can even be done during the weekends.

It's over once you're an instructor?

Once you are an instructor we will help you above all to gain that experience that you will need to fill your CV and be eligible for jobs. We can also introduce you to the world of comercial diving (underwater works) since we have contact with companies in this sector (BPP course, small depth diver, this course is separate)

How to survive for a year?

Typical question that you ask, in case our partner asked for the strike that accumulated during the years of service.

In case our facilities catch you away, you just have to talk to us as we will help you organize with the theme of housing and others.

Without requirements

All our courses include the processing of your certification and guarantee you can dive all over the world with the PADI world certifier.

Are you interested in becoming a diver? We personalize it for you!

Get in touch and we explain the process to follow, price and content

Any questions?

Contact without obligation

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CERTIFICATE PADI is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and is the largest diving certification agency in the world.  PADI meets the highest training standards and has a great international presence which guarantees that you will have the best diving training and that your certification will be recognized worldwide.

Diving training consists of three components:

  1. The theoretical part.
  2. Training in confined water or swimming pool.
  3. Training in open waters.

Entry requirements, training procedures and qualification tests vary around the world. This certification will give you the permission to dive depending on the level you have taken.

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