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Summer is over … is diving over? Well, no! Even if the water temperature drops, it does not mean you have to give up your passion for the sea until next summer. Learn to dive with total comfort in cold water using a dry suit.You will discover a new world by immersing yourself in our waters and not being cold in the middle of winter. Luckily, in our bay of La Herradura, we enjoy a tropical climate that allows us to dive all year round without going too cold, so you no longer have excuses for practicing whenever you want. You will also discover that your buoyancy will vary by using a dry suit, which will also allow you to discover new forms of diving by expanding your knowledge in both diving material, utility and underwater handling.

Dive all year

The winter can give us unforgettable moments under water, since not having so many boats and people in the water, marine life feels more relaxed and allows us to look much more closely.
Course with dry suit

  • Requirements
  • OWD titration or equivalent current
  • Medical certificate

  • 2 dives with dry suit
  • Theory with your instructors specialized in dry suits, where with the help of your manual and the explanations of your instructors you will acquire all the necessary knowledge to be able to dive in winter without leaving shaking of cold.

Once we teach you to dive with a dry suit, as it happens to many of our divers, you will not want to put on a wet suit again until the water is at the temperature that you like.
Its over to pass cold and begins to enjoy your passion throughout the year.

As a final detail, having the entire bay of La Herradura for a small group of people is almost magical and we assure you that the bay has many secrets to discover in winter.

Duration of 1-2 days

Theory and practice sessions with the use of dry suits

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CERTIFICATE PADI is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and is the largest diving certification agency in the world.  PADI meets the highest training standards and has a great international presence which guarantees that you will have the best diving training and that your certification will be recognized worldwide.

Diving training consists of three components:

  1. The theoretical part.
  2. Training in confined water or swimming pool.
  3. Training in open waters.

Entry requirements, training procedures and qualification tests vary around the world. This certification will give you the permission to dive depending on the level you have taken.

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