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The rescue diver course is one of the most exciting and fun in the diving world. You will expand your knowledge of the underwater world and, above all, you will learn to manage stress situations that can affect both you as a diver and another diver in your group. You will learn self-rescue techniques and learn how to rescue someone who is in trouble, always watching over your safety and the safety of everyone.

Conviértete en rescue diver

Aprenderás técnicas de auto-rescate y aprenderás como rescatar a alguien que esta en apuros siempre velando por tu seguridad y la seguridad de todos.
Curso PADI Rescue diver

  • Tasas de certificación
  • Todo el material necesario para el curso (incluido material de buceo si fuera necesario)
  • Material didáctico
  • Material de rescate

  • Title of AOWD or equivalent
  • Medical certificate, maximum two years old diving insurance.

Learn the techniques of self-rescue and theory while during the dives that you will do you will practice the recognition and management of problems both on the surface and underwater.

What does the course contain?
  • Theoretical section with final theoretical exam
  • Self-rescue and rescue practices drills in real dives
  • All in the bay of La Herradura

Duración de 2-3 días

Sección teórica, prácticas y simulacros

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CERTIFICATE PADI is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and is the largest diving certification agency in the world.  PADI meets the highest training standards and has a great international presence which guarantees that you will have the best diving training and that your certification will be recognized worldwide.

Diving training consists of three components:

  1. The theoretical part.
  2. Training in confined water or swimming pool.
  3. Training in open waters.

Entry requirements, training procedures and qualification tests vary around the world. This certification will give you the permission to dive depending on the level you have taken.

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